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A run through on what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is?

On this portal we will curate a wide variety of resources, from Annie Cushing's Complete List of SEO Tools
to the City Search & Local SEV Checklist, Toolkit and Knowledge Base

Our goal is to create the most complete, rich and accurate collection of SEO knowledge. We feel that as your partner, our work will be greatly enhanced by your understanding of the processes and capabilities of your online marketing program by your SEO company or SEO Team.

The professionals of City Search & Local are experts at paid and organic search engine optimization. We have taken local business websites from 0 visitors to 10,000 visitors per month and from almost no visibility on the search engine results page (ranking) to very high rankings on valuable high traffic keywords and keyword phrases.

What is SEO?

SEO is an area of internet marketing, also called online marketing. SEO makes Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's) offer your business as an answer to the question (query) being asked in search.

How Does SEO Work?

Take this scenario: I have an event coming up and I want something to remind people of the date. So I go on my phone and search for “seo services” (a keyword, or keyword phrase in this instance). Once I do that, I get results back on a search engine results page.
So here’s what actually happened. I asked a question “seo services?”. The search engine interprets this in one of a few ways.

It will likely think I’m asking:

  • Who, in my area, offers “seo services”? or
  • How can I do my own “seo services”? or
  • What are some types of “seo services”? or
  • Who has the best “seo services” for me?

What is Online Advertising?

Do you wonder how companies get their online ads at the top of search engines like Google® and Yahoo®? How do they find the time to write their own ads, let alone have the funds to pay for them? Read more

How Does Online Advertising Work?

Online Advertising helps local businesses grow an online presence, making it easy for customers to find them. Read more

What are Schema Tags?

Schema Tags, also known as Rich Snippets, are small previews of relevant information on your website that display in the search results when someone does a search. Indexing the website elements for search engine crawlers allows search engines to know that a certain block of text is a product description, and that a particular picture is associated with that product, or that an address is an address, etc. Read more

What is Keyword Targeting?

This is a marketing activity that “finds” customers. When people search for things they use keywords. Read more

What is Link Development?

Managing link structure is like building a credit reference. You wouldn’t have your bank call your drinking buddy to verify your credit. You would want them to speak with someone responsible. Your site seems less relevant if it is linking with undesirable elements online. Read more

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tagging tells search engines what your business is about. The text in meta tags is the snippet of description information that shows up on the Search Engine results pages and the title in the browser tab. This includes telling the search engine what language page is written in. Read more

What is Site Ranking?

The overall effects of your SEO will help your site to rank higher for the keywords we target. You’re competing for the top positions in, the most relevant, search results. The higher you rank, the more customers you can reach. Read more

How soon can I see results once I've submitted my site to the search engines?

That depends on how well you have optimized your content and how long it takes for the targeted search engines to review and include the submitted pages. Each search engine and directory has its own site submission and review policy. Read more